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Starting an online business? We can help guide you each step of the way.

  • We work with many startups from a wide array of backgrounds and industries.
  • Our designers are trained in building start-up websites that convey credibility and build trust.
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A Successful Start-up Website Design...

Helps Build a Brand

Part of the reason having a digital presence is so important for Start-Ups is because it allows them to help identify themselves to the public and use their websites as a platform to help build their overall brand. In many cases the performance of a startup directly correlates to how well designed and functional their website is. This means any calls to action need to be easily identified by viewers and help convince potential clients to convert. This requires things like prominent taglines above the website fold with clear overall brand messaging that communicates what your startup is about. Including promotional multimedia on a Start-up site is a good start towards getting exposure, but to generate revenue from potential clients who are visiting your site for the first time clarifying what your brand does and why companies should work with you is an important task that building a proper website design can help with. To help build your brand, video and imagery showing your product in action are an absolute must-have for any start-up web design. A great option is to make video content that acts as demos or tours of products that you are offering. Start-ups have tons of competition to stand out from one another to drive business conversions and stay profitable - to not take the time to design a proper site means that your company might lose out to competition from other Start-Ups for essential clients and funding.

Builds Credibility

Having a well-designed and stylized website design can help build overall brand credibility for startups. This means that any sort of social proof that your business is a credible company that others would be lucky to work with should be easily accessible on your site. Testimonials, press coverage and any positive social media feedback should be clearly shown on your site so that it is readily available to anyone who navigates to one of your landing pages just what a great brand you are. Part of an effective website design that builds credibility is making sure that your website demonstrates an extremely user friendly interface.This includes things like fast page load times, navigation, an easy to use sitemap, prominent calls to action and an overall intuitive layout page. Furthermore, any photography that is used by your website should be taken professionally and be unique to your website. Nothing hurts credibility like re-using images from another brand and as a startup, image use decisions like this can mean the difference between your website driving new business or hurting brand trust and credibility both on and offline.

Engages Potential Clients

Start-up websites need to act as a resource for potential clients and anyone who is interested in learning more about your product. This means that general information needs to be provided, but it also means that you need to keep your potential customers and current clients alike engaged with your brand so that you can begin to build up brand loyalty that will give your brand a long-term revenue stream. In order to do this, a good Start-Up website needs to include resources like mailing lists, Put Email IDs, forums and an extremely active social media presence that are all connected together through an effective website design. It is also important to remember to break text down into digestible amounts so that audiences can stay engaged with the amount of information you are trying to present to them and don’t just give up trying to understand your brand due to large hard-to-read chunks of text on your website.


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