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Press Release Submission

A press release is an article, usually put out by a company or its representative, that contains a newsworthy story. The story is typically a company event, a new product launch, a new hire, or something of the like. Press releases are often sent to the media in the hopes that they will be reproduced for public consumption.

For obvious reasons, press releases can have significant value for your business or brand. Many news outlets have hundreds of thousands of readers or viewers. Therefore, this can open you up to new customers and audiences. A well-written, newsworthy press release can create a large amount of buzz and generate new markets for your business, product, service or brand.

It is important to keep in mind that a press release needs to be written well in order to have maximum impact. A press release is not an advertisement, and it shouldn't be seen as one. Remember, a press release is, at bottom, a news story. It should contain objective facts and verifiable data. It should not be an opinion piece, nor should it contain an overabundance of editorializing.

All press releases should include media contact information. This is the contact info of the person you would like a reporter, writer, blogger, broadcaster or journalist to contact if they have questions about the story. It is also good practice to include the following elements

  • Headline
  • Summary (also known as a subheadline or subhead)
  • Boilerplate (see our PR dictionary for a definition of a "boilerplate")
  • Captions (if multimedia is included)

Which Sort of Topics Are Newsworthy and Which Aren't?

Newsworthiness is an ever-changing concept. Especially now with the 24-hour news cycle, what is considered newsworthy can change multiple times in a day. And, like beauty, newsworthiness is often in the eye of the reporter. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself the question, "If this were in a newspaper, would I want to read about it myself?" And, "Given what's been on my mind most in terms of current events, would I want to read about this, today?" In general, topics that have resonate with current social, cultural or political trends are going to be considered more newsworthy than other subjects.

Can You Write My Press Release for Me?

Yes. We offer press release composition and editing services. For more details, complete our Content Questionnaire.

Should I Include Video or Images in My Press Release?

In this digital age we're in where multimedia content and rich media rules, we suggest that you do include video and/or images. It's not required to publish a good press release, but they certainly can boost traffic and visibility. Nevertheless, it is better to use no video or image, than to use poor ones.

How Many Links Should I Include in My Press Release?

We get this question a lot. And the question really has no right answer. However, some things to bear in mind are the law of first mention. This is an algorithm of Google search that only credits the first link on a page that goes to a particular landing page with link juice. This means, practically, that having 10 links in a press release, all going to your homepage, is unnecessary and a waste of links. We typically advise no more than three links in a press ..

Social media has changed how people communicate around the globe. It's led political revolutions and even created pop culture phenomena. As businesses scramble to figure out how to harness the power of social media to reach new audiences, a familiar marketing tool—the press release—has now gained fresh purpose. Press releases have become a vital tool and more important than ever in successfully promoting your company. Find out how you can leverage press releases and specific content to help investors, customers, potential employees and other target groups learn more about your company.


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